Sunday, October 2, 2011

 I believe that this is when my aunt took a picture and was asking my mom if she liked it or not.
 This is my aunt jami and her little daughter ashlin. Little ashlin is wondering what the other kids are doing and trying too decide wether to go join them.
 Neal was being so romantic the way that he was looking at me it was totally awesome how his eyes told me how much he loved and was happy to be with me.
 the kiss tells all lol :D :D <3
 I love this facial expression i think that it caught neal by surprise.
 Now this just looks like eathan and Zac are trying to come up with a plan or some one just spotted some thing on the ground.

 Little ashling on her daddy's shoulders just so she can see everything thats going on.
 this is amber and tisha with amber's little daughter guin.
 As you can see it was a cold day everyone is wearing jackets or just suit coats too keep warm and cozy. In the pictures we really huddled together.
 Some one was asking me a question and my uncle grey decided to snap a picture right as i was replying it was really funny after wards.
 The sun in the eys of my father in-law and sister in-law heidi.
 she was not happy too be in the cold at all and ready also for a nap.
 Poor little kids having nothing too do.

 Just a joyous site to behold :D

 Can you feel the love tonight
 Its so nice too see my mom and dad laughing make you know that there having a great time.
 Yawn.......I didn't get enough sleep the night before.
 Cute little Ellie wondering why a picture of her is getting taken.
 He's trying too hide from the camera. I took this picture thought it was funny that he was being camera shy.
 So off in the distance i know i have my destiny waiting for me. Ashlin didn't want to be held at all as you can tell by her face.
 Me and my two grandma's was a really great picture.
 It was so nice that kj was able to come too my wedding even when she just got married the day before meant alot too me.
 Such a windy day everyones hair was flying every where.

 Eternal Love
 His tie was actually messed up and i had too fix it but it made a great picture.
 My veil wasn't liking me for this shot neal was laughing at me it was fun though.

 Neal uttered something too me that was funny and i was trying so hard not too laugh but it didn't work.
Provo temple a great photo a bit dark but thats because of the angle that the sun was as a great picture none the less
All the in-laws together and mine and neal's parents was a great day.
A great picture just with my father and mother in-law.
This was a fun picture i was supposed to make a funny face but i missed the cut off so neal and marving made up for that lol.
Neal with his in-laws and dad looking like he is having a bad day. Making more funny faces it was so much fun. Uncle grey told us all to do something different and so we did it was great.
Me and Neal just by ourself before we headed back for more pictures.
 Carrie, Keri jean, and Ellie all admiring her cuteness.
 It was so funny because once me and Neal came into the auditorium gym everyone was running up too us with congratulations and out let me see your ring i want too see it. Was a fun time as well.
 Neal is talking to quinten his brother in-law that was not able to come too the wedding with his family. I also got to talk and say hello also.

JoAnna and shirley just smiling for the camera.