Sunday, September 12, 2010

My apartment/ Roommates/Fun times

This is my roommate evan she is pretty cool she got engaged just about two weeks after josh asked me is amazing what falls into place. We are both think it's funny that we are both engaged along with roommates.This is stephi on the left side and Serina on the right side they are two of the other roommates that i have and are wonderful to get along with. Serina is very cute in all that she does. She does things in such a perfect manner it amazes me. She and stephi are both watching anime on there computers. They practically stay up all night if they could. This is serina her and me decided on a saturday to go have a little roommate bonding time it was so much fun. We went to burger king. It was fun to spend time with her she is so fun and just a very happy person I'm going to miss living with her, when i move back home.After we were done eating we decided to go to the mall and do some shopping and looking around while we were at it we stopped in at alyse bridal and i tried on some wedding dresses. I found out that i liked how this one looked and felt but its too early right now to know what i want. I think that i want to make my own because then it will mean alot more to me then if i bought one from a store.