Monday, July 19, 2010

megan's new boyfriend

Well this week has been full of adventures. First off I went to a single adults pool luao and it was tons of fun, made tons of new friends and had fun with other people that I haven't seen in a long time. Then I met my friends brother and things just worked out in a way that I didn't know that they would. I can say that I'm very happy in the way that things turned out. I now have a boyfriend. His name is Josh. This is josh and he's my new boyfriend. He is really easy going and loves to have fun. He's a guy who will not do any thing at all to hurt me or let other people hurt me either. Josh is planning on serving a mission some time soon. He's a hard working man and loves to enjoy the happiness of life. So far he's the best and most wonderful guy that I know.
I have also been having fun taking pictures of flowers and getting desk top pictures that are really fun and exciting. :D taking pictures is so much fun. Flowers can be such a great inspiration. I love the smell and the sweet sent that they give off.

parrots are fun i like finding pictures of birds that i like and how you can find out some intesting information about them and what they eat and how long they live.

some people say that you can tell alot about a bird by the way of they fly and how they are around other birds of the same or of a different species that they are.

When i go outside and look and see all the splendors that are around me it makes me truely think and wonder what i have to offer back in return. For all the beauty thats in the world its a meraculous thing to think about what you have. There are so many things out there that i didn't even know that excisted untill i was out some where and just pondered all the things that i have. I truley know that i can give things back but it takes time and so i just have to find ways that i can put them into my life.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fun times with annis family

I had so much fun with annis family. i'm really happy that they were able to come to the united states and spend some time with our family.

some times when we are bored i would take pictures and anni would have fun making fun faces just when i was taking the picture of her, it was alot of fun.

when it was the final day of school we had fun going around the school looking and taking tons of pictures.

This is alex he speaks german and is a very good friend with taylor and a lot of other people he's one of thoughs guys who gets along with every one.

kristen/ nathan good friends like to have fun when ever they can and enjoy time with friends and family. They are really good close friends with me and taylor.

Kaylor is a sophmore that i became good friends with he is very different from alot of other guys he keeps to himself and when he talks its nice and kind. He is a guy that i would not mind one bit staying friends with in the long run.

hmm what can i say about this guy. Well he's nice he was one of my boyfriend hes a junior now this year and loves technology and has fun with marching band and playing the saxaphone. He's a really good guy and has tons of fun playing many things in his life. He's a very good friend.

This little lady is my friend lulu who i have been friends with since i became her sisters friend. I'm going to miss not seeing her now but i know that i will see her some time in the future along with her sister shayla.

This is Tusa she was a exchange student just this last year. She ate lunch with me and became a very good friend that i will miss now that she is back home. I'm going to miss not seeing her drawings that she does and spending lunch with her.